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6 Tips Optimizing Your Retail Store

6 Tips Optimizing Your Retail Store

Here’s a fun fact before we start out the list: Did you know that the store’s layout and design can affect the sale of products? Studies show that the arrangements of product displays, aisles, service counters and check-out, all influences the consumer’s choice in making a purchase. For example, customers tend to avoid crowded aisle or feel intimidated by the salesperson standing behind a counter, and this makes you lose profit. To optimise the sales of your retail store through its layout, we are here with six quick tips on how to do so!

  1. Do not place products in the “decay area.”

When consumers enter a store, there is a habit to turn to the right. Position your products with this in mind. This psychological shift also happens inside the store, so customers typically do not note the product displays 15 feet from the entrance. To aid this, use attention-grabbing signs and displays that will not make your customers miss them.

Sweet Memories commercial project In Interior Design

  1. Choose a store layout that fits your business.

The layout tends to be the one that maneuvers the customers around the store, which affects their decision of purchase. The grid layout used by most supermarkets for example, moves customers up and down rows of aisles. There is also the loop layout that contains a central grouping of displays, drawing a circular or square route around it. A free-flowing layout gives salespeople opportunities to promote impulse buying, as customers can move most freely around the store. Avoid narrow layouts by ensuring aisles and floor space allow patrons adequate personal space to view the items.

  1. Minimize counters.

Owner of the Retail Doctor, Bob Phibbs says that store counters often creates a separation between the store owner from customers, psychologically at least. This is detrimental to merchants, as it creates an “us vs. them” mentality that deters customers from lingering around longer. To counter this, Phibbs suggests that unoccupied staff should wander the store, posing as shoppers. He explains that this effect gives customers a sense of a bustling shop, which puts them at ease. If a counter is needed to complete paperwork and payments, it is suggested to size it down to no larger than a desk.


  1. Create a pleasant environment for staff

 What is a successful business without happy staff members? When you have a business to run, it is important that the ones you hire are generally satisfied to do a good job. To ensure staff satisfaction, create a conducive environment for them to work in, while also having a bit of fun on the design for them to not dread going to work. Office looking too boring? Throw in some baby pink chairs and space immediately becomes attractive.


  1. Ensure good visibility.

To reduce your inventory losses, keep your shelves low enough to enable good visibility. Take precaution to ensure that temporary store decors do not provide cover for shoplifters.



  1. Create a memorable entrance.

If the store layout is not enough to woo customers in, invest in an eye-catching entrance that leaves an impression. Like how people are easily able to distinguish an Apple Store, you want your store to be able to ring a bell in people’s memories should they want to visit it again. For starters, put up a huge display that is hard to miss, to entice customers to walking into the store!

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