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Different ways you can light up your home with LEDs

Different ways you can light up your home with LEDs

Whenever you peer into the night view of apartments, you can see little boxes of life emitting light from each apartment, indicating the presence of life in the house. Home lighting becomes so important in bringing a sense of life into your darkened space, and good lighting can bring comfort to you after a long day of work. As of late, Light-emitting Diodes (LEDs) have become increasingly popular due to the creative ways you can utilise them in your home design. In homes, LED lights are often used as accent details for cove lighting or for highlighting a certain décor or architecture feature in the house.

These are just a few reasons why LED lights are amazing for accent lighting. They can be used to highlight a certain area such as the space underneath or above the cabinets, bars, sofas, tables, etc. Here are some examples to inspire you on how to utilise LED lighting in your home design:

1. Framing with LED lights

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When you frame elements of your home with LEDs, be it through cove lighting or hidden behind frosted glass, you can get some pretty interesting effects. A dull corridor can now look like a grand entrance just by highlighting the corners of the walls and ceiling.

2. Soft lighting as accents

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Using LEDs as accents is a great way to bring warmth and comfort to your homes due to its soft lighting, especially when used as cove lights. Just position them at areas where you seek comfort such as your bedroom or near your couches, and you can instantly feel at ease.


3. Be creative with its shape

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As LEDs are flexible to conform to many shapes, be quirky and creative in how you display your lights such as arranging them in a circle on the ceiling or highlighting an odd geometric shape in your house. This can not only awe house visitors, but also add personality into your rooms.

4. Highlight the wall decors from bottom up

Placing your LEDs facing upwards toward wall decor provides a balance of both comfort and focus to the masterpiece in your room. In our examples here, the lights are placed behind beds that can come off as warm and inviting to anyone.

5. Long stretch of LEDs for luxurious effect

When you stretch your LEDs across a large area on the ceiling, it can make space look much larger and open, emphasizing on the fancy lights you choose for the center. This method is used to bring out the luxurious qualities of the house as it brightens up the whole room in a delightful manner.

6. Highlight small spaces like shelves

You might be surprised at how big of a difference it can be to light up the inner parts of your shelves. From afar, this draws attention to the decor you adorn your shelves with and makes it feel more important within the space. This is especially good for highlighting picture frames, antiques or more.

7. Place it behind mirrors in the bathroom

As mentioned before, placing your LEDs behind wall decors can draw eyes to it, but placing them behind mirrors accentuates the space better. With a reflective wall surface and a mirror in front, the LEDs will reflect light onto both surfaces, that gives the illusion of an illuminating bigger space.

8. Add LEDs in your kitchen for a warm and homely atmosphere

A kitchen is a space where cooking homely meals happen and it can get stressful to cook for a whole family, and so it is important for you to feel comfortable in that space. Adding LEDs beneath cabinets can give a comforting warmth to space which helps to ease the homeowners into being more at peace.

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