Top 5 sleek and space saving designs

Top 5 sleek and space saving designs

If there was anything we’ve noticed about good interior design, it is that some of the most inventive home designs seem to be those that save space or make the room look spacious in clever ways. In such a dense and small city like Singapore, it has become important to economise the space available to you due to the lack of space we have. Here is our top 5 favourite space-saving designs done by our very own designers, which will show you how to increase the spaciousness of the room through space saving designs.

1. Hidden Shoe Rack

Sometimes, needing an entire cabinet worth of shoe rack is not actually necessary. If you do not want that chaotic scene of slippers sprawled all over the ground, how about simply placing a hidden compartment under the stairs or platform that gives space for your footwear? Simple, yet sleek solution to your problems!

2. Line your entire apartment with walls of cabinets

It may not seem like an effective method on paper, but doing this can actually save you an incredible amount of space, while not making the space look cluttered at all! Instead of filling the room traditional stand alone cabinets and shelves, building it into the room and disguising them as your walls will help you achieve both spaciousness and a room full of storage space.

3. Dividing the room using an open shelf

Sometimes, a division in the room using a traditional shelf or wall might make the room feel rather claustrophobic. Segregating the room using furnitures that allow you to see the other side will breathe more life and air into the room, while being functional too.

4. Raise the platform for some much needed floor storage

Storage from the floor can come in much handier than you think! It is able to conceal all your unsightly items within the grounds, and raising the platform makes your room feel a whole lot cozier.

5. Convert your stairwell into compartments

Not enough room for the small space next to the stairwell for storage? How about making a storage space out of the stairwell itself? From wardrobes to drawers, the possibilities are only limited by the size of your stairs!

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