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What to expect in Pop Art Interior Design

What to expect in Pop Art Interior Design

Pop art interior design is a very daring and bold concept. it takes after pop art style in the bright 60s. Flashy colors are commonly found in this style. This style expresses young, energetic and bold.


One advantage of having Pop art interior design is that it would not cost you as much as other interior designs. Pop art prefers synthetics, glass, plastics and paper. This theme brings up consumer goods and the value of the 60s. Painting of Marilyn Monroe can be hung or illustrations are fit to this theme.


Colors used are vibrant and dynamic. Crimson, bright red, yellow can be used. Game of contrasts and textures are welcome in pop art. Same for the lighting, neon lights can really bring out the artistic feeling back in the old days.


All four walls in a room can be designed differently. Simple wallpaper or 3D panel are welcomed. However, walls are often used as backdrops for the interior but with pop art concept, you can paint it in every color. Wallpaper can have an interesting geometric pattern and bright colors, be daring!

Ceiling and floors

You can place a brightly colored rug as there aren’t as many restrictions in pop art but it has to match the overall design of the house. Glossy stretched ceilings fit in well and adds more shine and light to the home. It will then expand its borders.


One distinct feature of pop art furniture are bright colors, minimalist design and made of plastic. Glossy, geometric ornament and figures are dominantly found in pop art design.

Unique exclusive accessories and decoration accessories your home. Marilyn Monroe portraits or any portraits in bright colors can be hung on the walls.

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