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Renonation’s Customer Testimonials

Customer: Sylvia Goh

Jeffrey Heng was assigned to meet me for my reno needs. Had a really long first meeting where he patiently goes through with me what are my living habits and needs, my preferences, etc. He also showed me the different materials and explained the many kinds of touch up finishing work on the cabinets, etc.
Happy to give Jeffery the job despite that they are the highest quote among the 6 ID companies I have met. Was comfortable with Jeffery and his patient explanation. Candy joined in and assisted Jeffrey on my project and both of them give updates along the reno-journey.
Minor hiccups occur along the way, but both of them managed to solve it efficiently. Jeffrey managed to look out for areas where rectification works are needed even before I need to tell him to rectify it!
Thank you, Jeffery and Candy for the hard work and coordination and making sure that everything is completed and of good quality! Thank you, both for making the reno work quite a painless journey! Now looking forward to continued great service from you both if the need arise! Keep up the good work and all the best for your future projects! I am sure many customers will be satisfied with you both as well! 
Project Coordinator(s): Jeffrey Heng

Customer: Terence Chan
I must express my thumbs up for In Interior for renovating my condo. Special thanks to Simon Chai who is very dedicated to follow up my condo projects and work closely with their contractors to get my condo project complete on time. Also, Tyson Lim is very patient and pay attention to every single detail of our interior design requirement.

As I am very particular about the overall aesthetics and workmanship, In Interior never fail to meet my concerns. Overall, I give a 5-star rating for In Interior for their dedication, service and work did for my condo project. I am happy to introduce my relatives and friend about In Interior.

Project Coordinator(s): Simon Chai & Tyson Lim

Customer: Caroline Tan
James and Aames are always readily available when there were doubts or questions during the renovation process. They tried their best to deliver results with good service. We are very pleased with how everything turned out. It’s been more than 1 year since their work is done, but they never fail to respond to our requests for maintenance issues. Very good after sales service. Highly recommend!
Project Coordinator(s): James and Aames

Customer: Yulong Wang 

Very happy to meet with Jeffrey and his assistant, and he went through with us very patiently. Very nice guy, as well as very professional. Thank you very much, keep up your good performance. Believe customers will be happy to work with you, like me.
Project Coordinator(s): Jeffrey

Customer: Kenneth Ong

I was linked up with Ting Quan from in interior. Initially, I was sceptical and all because of all the horror stories you heard about IDs. However, my perception was changed after I met up with Ting Quan, a nice and professional ID. He put our minds at ease and he was calm and patient throughout our very long first appointment. Thumbs up to TQ! Keep up the good work bro!
Project Coordinator(s): Ting Quan

Customer: Vincent Yee

In interior design is very professional in their work, I like how Tyson handle my home project and very pleased that my home is done to my expectation. Thank you.
Project Coordinator(s): Tyson


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Qanvast Reviews

Customer: Nic, Tampines

In Interior was recommended to us by a friend. We did shortlist a few other but decide to engage them for the words of mouth. As we had our own designs in mind, Rachel managed to implement it on the 3D design and did the infrastructure accordingly.
However, there were some delay in completing our project but it is ok. An aspect for further improvement will be with regards to the paint job done by their sub-contractors. Overall, we are happy with our renovation

Ratings: 4 Stars

Customer: Melvin, Sengkang

Out of the few IDs we shortlisted, we decided to engage Aames from In Interior for his creativity and the price they quoted. Aames is very detailed with his explanation and flexible with his designs too.
Generally, there were hiccups here and there but they manage to get it rectified and manage to complete the project on time. However, we believe there is always a room for improvement.
Ratings: 4 Stars

Customer: Taz, Telok Blangah Drive

In Interior was recommended by a taxi driver which we took. Other than In Interior, we did shortlist other IDs as well, but our final choice was them! Tyson was the one who attended to us. Out of all the IDs we met, we felt most comfortable with him. He is very thorough with his designs and explanation.

We are impressed with his fresh ideas. The process was really good, no problems, no hiccups and they did complete it on time. Everything was fantastic and we are very much happy with our renovation. We had also recommended them to a few of our friends and two had already engaged them!
Ratings: 5 Stars

Customer: Jia Qi, Punggol

In Interior was recommended to us by Qanvast. Out of the few IDs we shortlisted, we decide to engage Kai Sen as our ID. We liked the design proposed and we’re comfortable working with him. The service provided was good. There was some delay in the renovation but not too long so we’re okay with it. Other than that, we do no have any problems and their workmanship is good.
Ratings: 5 Stars

Customer: Amber, Hougang

After meeting up with a few IDs Qanvast recommended, we decide to engage In Interior for their price and what they have got to offer.
In times of hiccups, Candy is able to rectify it fast. Candy is willing to listen to our ideas and opinions on what we want, although there are some parts that she understood it differently which turns out a little different than what we expected. However, she did rectify it fast after notifying her of the difference.
Ratings: 4 Stars

Customer: Pei Ying, Punggol

Out of the few IDs we met, we felt that Cindy from In Interior has the best understanding of what we wanted and what we needed. The design she came out with was very nice. Cindy is very responsive and we had a good chemistry. The renovation was fine except for the delay.
We are fine with it as we are not in a hurry anyway. Currently, they are still following up with me as we noticed some defects later on. For further improvement, i hope they will improve more on their carpentry.
Ratings: 4 Stars

Customer: Sylvia, Compassvale Bow

After meeting up with a few IDs we shortlisted, we felt that Jeffrey is very sincere and it was comfortable talking to him. The whole process was good, from the design, communication with the ID and their workmanship as well, although there was a slight delay due to some issues that can’t be helped. In times of hiccups, Jeffrey is very responsive in rectifying the issues.
They did quite well in all areas. An aspect for further improvement will be with regards to their reports to the homeowners on the progress of the renovations.
Ratings: 4 Stars

Customer: Shu Wei

I get to know In Interior via Qanvast and they are good at building rapport with the customers and understanding our needs well. I had a pleasant experience working with Elwin as he takes initiative to check the renovation work, even on Sunday he would come back to the site and sort things out. Although there were some minor problems with the contractor messing up with the parquet polishing but the issue got rectify very quickly. I think overall Elwin did a great job and I’m impressed.
Ratings: 4 Stars

Customer: Joanne

I came across In Interior through Qanvast and I like the idea and concept that they gave us therefore we decided to engage them for our renovation. The whole experience was good working with In Interior.
Ratings: 4 Stars

Customer: Shayne

I get to know In Interior through Qanvast and they gave us the confidence and positivie vibes therefore we decided to engage them for our renovation. The whole experience was average and I think In Interior should improve on their communication skill. There were alot of communication breakdown in between the ID, coordinator and homeowners like me. Besides that, the rest of the things were okie.
Ratings: 4 Stars

Customer: Lastri

I have gotten to know In Interior through Qanvast and they were the second company that we met up with. I like the fact that Tyson (the ID) is not hard selling and he manage to convince me on the things that I need or do not need. The experience was very good because they manage to finish the renovation 1-2 days earlier, besides that their workmanship was good too.
Ratings: 4 Stars

Customer: Leon, Elias Road

I got to know Leon and In Interior Design through a friend’s recommendation. I eventually decided to go with them as I find them to be really sincere. They are also experienced, where they have an impressive track record. The whole renovation is very smooth. There were some minor issues but they responded quickly and have them rectified promptly. Very pleased with their services.
Ratings: 4 Stars

Customer: Lynn, Sumang Walk

We happened to walk pass their showroom and met Tyson. After our discussion, we decided to go ahead with engaging Tyson as our interior designer because we felt that he is of the same age group as us, so he was able to understand our ideas and would be able to come out with a good pop art designs for our house.

He is very generous with our requests of additional color and tone selections on top of the original proposed packages. He has been very fast in follow-ups so when we requested for a change of cabinet colour, he re-designed and presented them to us almost instantly. We like his after sales service too, as he will drop by or message us if we need any help.
He even arranged for his painters to do some touch ups of the walls for us.
Ratings: 4 Stars

Customer: Germaine, Parc Vista

We got to know Tyson through one of my friends’ recommendation. We engaged him for our renovation as we felt that we are able to communicate well with him and he knows exactly what we wanted. During the renovation progress, he is very friendly and patient. We took 2-3 days to select the tiles at the shop, but he was all patient about it.
Ratings: 4 Stars


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